SP Group offer a very wide variety of natural soaps, both organic and non-organic.
Soap bars are becoming still more valued by endusers – young and older. They last longer, use less packaging and generally show off conscious choices.
We gladly advice ingredients, bestsellers, assortments etc.

Some of the specified purposes, e.g.:

  • Hand and body.
  • Hair – shampoo and conditioner.
  • Shaving bar.
  • Cleansing, e.g. dry skin, acne, black spots.
  • Sensitive skin.
  • Kids and baby.
  • Dish washing.
  • Textile washing, e.g. wool, silk.

Let us help you create the assortment perfect for your clients and needs! Assortments can be made fixed price for all types or one by one depending on ingredients and certificates available. Ask for packaging options.

Do you have specific wishes for your soaps or ingredients you want us include or exclude, we’re very open to explore the options with you, so you can have your very own soaps for your shops or webshop.

Depending on your need for certificates, SP Group will appoint the one of our two highly skilled and experienced partner manufacturers of natural soaps best equiped to manage your needs, including the price levels.

This makes it possible for us to aim target prices for most retailers.

Soap Bags
Soap Bags
Sisal/hemp soap bags are brilliant for soap bars used in shower or bath. Ask for designs and pricing.
Soap Rack
Soap Rack
Include soap racks is in your assortment, making it easier for clients to make the change for fluids to bars.
Loofah Scrubs
Loofah Scrubs
Sewn loofah in different shapes or full slices – perfect for natural body scrub

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