There are lots of possibilities

Would you like to know, if your products can be packed in compostables?
And does it seem unmanageable to get an overview of options, pros and con yourself? Not to mention contacting all of the different compostable manufacturers, you think can help…
Let us help!

Compostable materials and packaging is a jungle. But not for us. SP Group work with a few dusins of both old large and new innovative developers and manufacturers of compostable materials.

Here are some of the basic compostable products and materials we can help you with:

  • Compostable and home compostable bags, zip bags, sheets etc. (single layer bioplastics).
  • Paper based compostables, e.g. bags with/without compostable windows or compostable cups, cans and other packagings.
  • Cellulose based compostables.
  • Molded bioplastics, like cans, bottles, cups etc, mostly from PLA, CPLA, PHA.
  • Cutlery, tableware etc, e.g. from CPLA.
  • Water solubles
  • Laminated compostables – e.g. for high barrier and certain packagings, e.g. food or liquids.

As you see, compostables are not ‘just‘ trashbags for your veggie scraps and shopping bags. (But we make those too and gladly attend tenders and bidding rounds – send your invite here).

Compostable options are many, and if you have a wish to pack your product in a compostable packaging, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Compostables aren’t for everything though, so when contacting us, please tell us about your product, the intended purpose for the packaging, where you intend to sell it (due to certifications), your price level and your expected MOQ.
This information gives us a basic idea of your need and whether we can help you or investigate further. Compostables are more pricy than most plastics and rarely on stock anywhere – simply because of the biodegradability. You want ‘fresh‘ compostables.

Certifications – they are very important when we talk compostables. Let us help you on your way around them, and understanding them too, as they are just as tricky as the materials themselves. We only work with partners having certificated materials and/or products.

Compostables are here to stay. They can never replace all plastics, but definately have their place in the packaging markets. Therefore development is just increasing these years.

Call us or write – we look forward to talk compostables with you.

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