We add sustainability to your Private Label categories

At SP Sustainable Products Group we produce Private Label and White Label products for retailers, distributors and supermarket chains worldwide.

Within our categories we do standard products at competitive prices, always with your indvidual touches, of course.

But our speciality for the past seven years is providing you a more sustainable product for the shop shelves. We work within all of the known sustainablity factors, whether it’s reuse, recyclability, compostability, less or no plastic, vegan, new raw materials, better certifications. Or maybe a brand new design is needed. We can help you on the packaging too.

SP Group produce in Europe, Middel East and Asia giving you the benefits of choosing according to internal policies as well as the international changes  affecting the business climate. No matter where your product is produced, our Danish office holds your operation in a firm grib, ensuring quality, specs and deadlines.

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The founders

Brian Bouet Smith
Brian Bouet SmithCEO
Trade, sales and international top level negotiations in the past 20 years, always with an open and honest mindset aiming mutual satisfying agreements and prices.
Heidi von Bülow
Heidi von BülowDirector of Operations and Services
Product development and operations responsible – it’s all in the details.

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Can you produce my product? It’s not on the page…


Almost everything we made is customly changed or developed. Maybe from existing products – maybe from our clients own ideas or specs. Schedule an appointment or contact us and let’s have a talk about your product.