Silicone is becoming increasingly popular as a material for household products. SP Group provide Platinum quality silicone products, available both FDA approved (US) and LFGB (Europe+).

Some of the silicone items we produce:

  • Storage Bags & Sheets
  • Cake Molds
  • Chocolate Molds
  • Period Cup
  • Cutlery & Tableware
  • Baking Mats
  • Kitchen Tools

Silicone is often used as a replacement to plastic, as silicone have advantages relevant to loads of daily tasks. E.g. our quality silicone is flexible while still food contact approved. It’s very temperature tolerant and can be used in both microwave and freezer – while still long lasting. Some products can even be used for sous vide. All oof this a very important feature for silicone.

SP Group offer Platinum quality silicone developed and tested to be both FDA approved (US) and LFGB (Europe+).

We make Silicone products from existing molds and below are just some of them, showing a variety of categories.
Our silicone partners are very skilled in engineering new molds. If you have designs, you’d like us check for production or develop further – please let us know. Read more at the Services page about Development.

Bestseller Silicone Bags
Bestseller Silicone Bags
Absolute favorite silicone bags. Super quality, Platinum silicone, easy to rinse, easy to open. Five standard sizes at very good retail price.
Cake & chocolate molds
Cake & chocolate molds
Multiple designs, sizes and colors molds for the creative kitchen. Ask for silicone quality – LFGB and FDA Platinum available.
Period Cup
Period Cup
SP Group produce silicone period care too – in different sizes, colors and shapes. Read more here.

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