Presenting SPcosse – the new plastic free and superabsorbant viscose textile

Superabsorbant cloth. Household cloth. Fibre cloth. Viscose cloth.

Favorites tend to have several names. Normally we call this favorite our viscose cloth – the plastic free viscose cloth.
We’re proud to be able to present a new, even more sustainable version – already in production for the first client.

We call the new viscose material ‘SPcosse‘.

Viscose cloths as you normally see them in supermarkets – very often also used by cleaning companies – are usually made from three ingredients: Viscose fibres from wood or bamboo, polyester fibres and a binder. The plastic/polyester percentage can easily be 30 %, even 50% + a plastic based binder. That is a lot of plastic – and a lot of plastic to shed when used and washed.

SP Group owners have worked to update the viscose cloths for years. Firstly polyester fibres was removed. Then binder was successfully updated to a biodegradable binder.
And now both plastic fibres and binder is all gone. By this SP Group can proudly present a new plastic free viscose material for cloths and related needs for a superabsorbant textile ‘SPcosse’.

About the SPcosse material

SPcosse is a needle punch fiber viscose. As most viscose textiles SPcosse can be made from either bamboo or wood. In first half of 2023 SP Group will be able to present FSC® certified SPcosse. The viscose has a loose texture making it able to absorb liquids very well. It’s washable too – the thicker material, the longer lifespan. Shrinking must be expected as for most viscose. Currently available from 100gsm to 240 gsm. Can be colored and/or printed.

SPcosse is ideal for cleaning and for products and packagings in need for an absorbancy effect.

SPcosse price level is low/medium, making it available for cleaning companies in need for a more sustainable cloth for single use/ few times usage.

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